1. Significant Savings
Pay 1/4 of the brokerage fees you pay now!
2. Superior Technology:
Seamless transaction management software at no extra cost to you (includes Docusign subscription). We are the digital marketing specialist! Our agents tap into cutting edge web technology to generating traffic and increase exposure of your listings.
3. No Monthly Fees:
No closings one month, there is no charge.
4. Commission Rates:
This is your business and you determine your fee structure!
5. Increased Commission Checks:
With our “flat Fee” model, brokers receive substantially more of their hard earned commission dollars.

Dear Real Estate Broker,

We hope you are having a great year! We have a fantastic opportunity for your real estate business. Larsson Realty can help with putting more of your HARD EARNED COMMISSIONS in YOUR pockets! I was a top producing agent at a large national brokerage in Lake Oswego for 10 years. After paying tens of thousands of dollars in commissions and excessive monthly fees to a big brokerage, I knew there is a better, more efficient and effective brokerage model. The “old school” desk fee/split based brokerages are dinosaur business models from the 70’s and 80’s and it’s confusing as to why agents are still condoning and contributing to this antiquated model. The technology available to the consumer today in no way makes the ancillary costs that accompany the brick and mortar brokerage a necessity to the broker.

The Larsson Realty fee model is very simple. There are NO DESK FEES, NO CORPORATE/REGIONAL/LOCAL FRANCHISE FEES, NO ADVERTISING FEES, NO MARKETING FEES, NO TECHNOLOGY FEES. We take a minimal processing fee from each transaction. What you see is what you get. Simple and straightforward. How can we do this? It’s simple. We are a truly Cloud based brokerage. Our toolset, systems, transaction management and brokers all collaborate in real time in the Cloud.

Here is how our AGENT-FIRST model works…
• Your first 10 sides, you are charged a $750.00 processing fee;
• Subsequent sides, you will be charged a $500.00 processing fee.

It’s that simple. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no additional overrides. Should you not have a closing in any given month, as often happens in our business, you pay NOTHING. In addition, Larsson Realty provides you with the following to ensure a smooth transition to KEEP WHAT YOU EARN . . . you will cover your own PMAR and RMLS dues.
• For Sale Signs
• 500 Business Cards
• Name Riders (3)

agent income pro-forma
If you’d like to see just how much you could save

If you have interest in seeing how a change can IMPACT your overall bottom line, I’d love to set-up a coffee or a phone call so you can learn more. There is a better income and technology choice for you and your clients in the Portland marketplace.

Fill out the contact form below, email me
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All the best,
Chris Larsson
Broker | Owner