Hire Success!

luxury lakefront homesWith so many luxury listings on the market today how do you set your home apart? How do you get the wealthy buyers to see your listing? How do you make your home VISIBLE to this class of purchaser?

Simple. Hire the right luxury Lake Oswego / Portland agent with years of proven marketing skills. I am that Agent! With a 20 year background in Marketing and Advertising for such brands as GE, Gillette, Honda, Hitachi, and Coldwell Banker I know how to reach a “target demographic.” The right buyer, at the right price, at the right time. Key tenets to selling luxury property in todays market.

Don’t Hire a Lazy Agent!

luxury real estate agentTypical “luxury Agents” will put you on the MLS, drop a sign in front of your home, do some light print advertising (that features them more than your home), and maybe shoot a vitual tour of the property. That’s it! This is great if your looking to just reach Portland Metro. Putting a listing on the MLS is not a “NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY!” They just sit back and hope some other agent can find them a buyer. That is not only lazy, but cheats the seller out of ALL possible marketing channels and efforts.

Be Visible!

How do you avoid this and get your home VISIBLE? Deploy a proven national and global reach strategy that targets the luxury real estate home buyer where they live, work and play. My